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Toyota Hiace Buses & Microbuses in Ghana

Toyota Hiace Buses & Microbuses in Ghana
Toyota Hiace Buses & Microbuses in GhanaToyota Hiace Buses & Microbuses in Ghana

On Tuesday, July 31st, an 11-vehicle diesel powered and electrically driven bus-powered bus will be allowed to be driven through the country. A 1,000-gallon fuel tank will also be placed inside the bus, allowing for a maximum of 100 passengers when required. https://jiji.com.gh/buses/toyota-hiace
Called ‘Supercabo’, the idea is that if you’re willing to have to carry food and water you won’t need to use a power outlet.


The decision to get bus-powered will come from the Ghana Electric Bus Association, which is part of a $1.5 billion plan to upgrade the country’s roads network to 50 million vehicles per year by 2022. According to Ghana Electric Bus Association website, “it is a national aspiration to achieve a 2.5 million passenger volume increase year to year by 2030 and reach the 200 million in 2020.” Over the last three years, the bus has been a huge success thanks to donations from the small-scale businesses and government-run cooperatives.

“I am going to take this idea seriously, if necessary,” the mayor of Ghana, A.A. Asseki, told journalists via video board. “On Tuesday they will be out carrying food and water.”

The bus-powered Bus Association has decided not to use any power from the power-plant. “Because we want to take action on the environment