Blue song

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Oil painting on canvas

Size 50cm x 76cm

Product Description

Birds painting, modern birds art, colourful birds oil painting on canvas

Modern birds painting,colourful birds painting,abstract birds art.

Abstract painting, modern painting handmade, canvas painting, wall art painting  , oil painting

Shades of blue, yellow pink and red, this painting shows a serene, cheerful scenery with birds in the white background.

The whole serene scenery is sizzling with movement and dynamics.

I personally really love this birds painting because it relaxes me and is so good to watch. Is just catching anyone’s eyes as is so peaceful.

Item description:

Handmade item

painted : 2018

Materials: oil, canvas,

ships from England

Painting Name: “blue song”

size 50cm x76cm

This painting is ready and can be dispatched immediately.

It is ready to hang, is painted on box canvas deep frame canvas

100% hand painted on canvas. Colors are bright, full of layers, glow as the focal point of a room. It looks peaceful. It calms your mind, a warm touch as a home decor for busy life.

Please contact me if you require any further information

Keywords: abstract painting, original painting, acrylic on canvas, handmade painting, modern art, art, abstract picture, canvas art, acrylic painting, large painting, oil painting , big size.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 76 × 5 cm


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