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Grandview Mall.

By August 11, 2021news

Grandview Mall.

The seven-story Grandview Mall is the most popular meeting place for shopaholics of both genders and all nationalities. Located in the center of the modern Tianhe district, this giant department store offers not only the pleasure of parting with the hard-earned currency, but also spending time in restaurants, cafes, a cinema and an entertainment center. It is customary to come here for the whole day (and less, I must say, it will not work) – that is how much time it takes to get around just a few hundred shops.

Clothes, footwear and accessories, cosmetics and perfumery, goods for children – all this is presented in the Grandview Mall. An additional pleasant moment: the prices are very reasonable, and the quality is excellent.

What are they selling.

The Grandview Mall is located in a high-rise, which includes, in addition to a shopping center, a 48-storey five-star hotel and a 30-storey office building – so there are always a lot of people here, and knowledgeable people advise shopping on weekdays before 17:00 – this will help avoid crowds as much as possible. By the way, according to the management’s assurances, about 250 thousand buyers pass through the shopping center every day, and at the same time up to 40 thousand are purchased. It will not be an exaggeration to say that literally everything is sold in the Grandview Mall: any world brand that comes to mind is https://fr.life-hacks.fun/page-11-choses-que-les-surperformants-font-differemment almost guaranteed to be on sale.

You should navigate in the mall by floors. The first two sell modern European clothing and footwear, lingerie and accessories, cosmetics and perfumes. The third floor is divided between restaurants – there are popular brands, and quite prestigious, separate establishments.

No doubt this is done so that shoppers can breathe out before heading up to the upper floors.

The fourth floor is occupied by sportswear and footwear stores. The fifth and sixth are given over to the most important clients – children. There are not only shops for everything needed for kids, but also a small entertainment center and a playroom – you can purposefully come here with your child, or leave him in the care of animators, and “bang” yourself into shopping.


Tired of shopping “ches”, you can go to a restaurant corner (many local establishments deserve attention on their own, and not just as an attachment to shopping areas) or visit a 3D cinema with a huge screen. The mall also has beauty salons, gyms, solariums and much more.

Practical information.

Address: Tianhe Road, 228. The nearest metro station is Tiyuxilu line 1, then you need to get out into the city through exit B. You can also get to the mall by tourist bus lines 1 and 2.